Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Anime Reveals Cast, Release Date & More!

Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Anime Reveals Cast, Release Date & More!

The famous Alice Gear Aegis smartphone game will return to the screens this year! However, it will not be returning as a game this time. Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Anime is releasing this year as a television adaptation. Fans can hardly contain their excitement. There have been announcements on the cast, theme songs, and several other details as well. The official website for the anime has posted a trailer. Viewers can also check out the trailer for themselves. Are you excited about this upcoming anime? So here is all that you need to know about it.
Alice Gear Aegis first came out as a mobile game in January 2018. It was developed by Pyramid and published by COLOPL. The game has an original video anime by Nomad. Hirokazu Hana also helmed the OVA in September 2021. Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Anime was officially renewed in January 2022. So, keep reading to find out more.

Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Anime: Official Announcement
Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Anime's official website shared a Saturday trailer. The first five minutes of the episode were on the trailer. However, the video warned that the footage is still in the making. It said that the final released version would most likely differ from the production. The website also confirms that Aina Suzuki will be singing the opening theme song. Marina Horiuchi will be singing the ending theme song.
?>The cast of the anime includes Miyari Nemoto as the protagonist Nodoka Takahata. Other cast members include Manami Numakura as Yotsuyu Hirasaka and Maaya Uchida as Sitara Kaneshiya. Also joining the cast is Yui Ishikawa in the role of Fumika Momoshina. Hirokazu Hanai will be directing the anime at Nomad. Rikiya Okano will be making a return as the character designer for the anime. Kenji Sugihara will be in charge of the scripts.
What Will The Anime Be About?
The anime takes place in the far future. Humanity has been forced to leave Earth. Mechanical life forms known as Weiss are attacking human beings. However, only a certain group of people can fight Weiss. This group happens to be Actresses, who are young women familiar with high-dimensional weapons. The weapons are known as Alice Gear. AEGiS is in charge of the private companies that handle the Actresses. The Actresses head out to the cosmos to remove Weiss from Earth. They aim to save mankind from having to wander around the cosmos forever.
Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Anime: Release Date
As per the anime's new visual, it will come out in April 2023. The official Twitter page also hints at the same. However, more info on the exact airing date is not out yet. So be sure not to miss out on this thrilling new episode. Until then, stay tuned to The Anime Daily for more!

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