Black Clover Chapter 352: Cracking the Code! Release Date & Plot

Black Clover Chapter 352: Cracking the Code! Release Date & Plot
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Feb 2023

Yosuga will help Asta to find out how the Dragon is deflecting all their magic!

The recent chapters have been building up to the ultimate showdown with the Paladins. And fans can expect the final battle to be nothing short of epic. Meanwhile, only three days is left until the day of judgment. Asta has his work cut out for him as he tries to take down a five-headed dragon with the help of his friends! So here is all you need to know about Black Clover Chapter 352 release date & plot!

Next time in Black Clover, Asta will find it challenging to leave a scratch on the Dragon. It has multilayered protection that deflects magic. So, keep reading to find out all the details!


Black Clover Chapter 352: What Will Happen Next?

The title of Black Clover Chapter 352 is not out yet. In the new chapter, Asta's anti-magic attacks fail to harm the dragon. But he notices that the beast is guarding something. With this information, he decides to focus on finding out what the dragon is protecting rather than trying to defeat it. Meanwhile, Yosuga and Heath's battle continues, with Yosuga overpowering his opponent. During the fight, Yosuga reveals that Ryu gave up his Yoryoku to save people.

It happened during the epidemic that struck Koushuu and Goshuu in the past. This news shocks Yosuka, who once considered Ryu a fool for giving up his dream of becoming a Shogun. Yosuga realizes that Ryu's sacrifice was not foolish. But it's a testament to his humanity and bravery. Meanwhile, Yosuga delivers the final blow to Heath. He reflects on how Ryu's selflessness earned him the admiration of the people.


Thus, it made him a worthy candidate for the title of Shogun. Yosuga then turns his attention to Asta. He sees him as a potential successor to Ryu's legacy. He proposes that they work together to uncover the secret the dragon is guarding. And together they will save the Land of the Sun from a new threat. Asta agrees, and the two set off to unravel the mystery of the dragon.


A Quick Recap!

In Black Clover Chapter 351, titled "With the Shogun of the Land of the Sun," the story opens with Asta taking on a dragon with his anti-magic power. Meanwhile, Yosuga fights against Heath and belittles his flashy technique. Heath responds that he can't afford to lose since he aims to create the perfect world for Lucius.

The chapter takes a flashback to Yosuka's childhood, where he used to have friendly fights with Ryu to see who would become the better Shogun. Later on, an epidemic breaks out in Koushuu and Goshuu, killing many people. To save the people, they needed a herb that had gone extinct. And only someone with Tengentsu, Ryuya's special eye ability, could locate it.


Yosuga and Heath's battle continues, with Yosuga using his Iron Yojutsu attack to finally defeat Heath. Yosuga then proposes to Asta to make him a man so he could reach the same heights as Ryu, who had won the people's hearts despite his lack of Yoryoku. The chapter ends here, leaving readers with a cliffhanger.

Black Clover Chapter 352: Release Date

Fans will not have to wait for any longer, as the chapter will drop in two days! Black Clover Chapter 352 will officially release on February 20, 2023. Meanwhile, it will be available on Viz Media, Shonen Jump, and Manga Plus. Be sure to check back on this page to get all the updates. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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