Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 106: What DOA Has In Store? Plot & Release Date

Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 106: What DOA Has In Store? Plot & Release Date
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Jan 2023

DOA's end goal remains a mystery, but it's clear it has shocked even Atsushi. Dazai may already know the answer. But he is waiting for a final call from the ADA. Atsushi and the rest of the ADA must race against time to uncover the truth before it's too late. Thus, here is all you need to know about Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 106 release date and plot.
Next time in Bungo Stray Dogs, fans will have to keep a close eye on the intentions of DOA. Their plans may be more sinister than anyone could think of. So keep reading to find out all the details!

Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 106: What Will Happen Next?
The title of the Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 106 is not out yet. In Chapter 106, Dazai continues to test Sigma's abilities as he teaches him how to read and manipulate people. Sigma, who has been pulled in every direction by different factions in the story, is fed up and just wants to return to his casino. However, Dazai takes an interest in him due to his limited understanding of humans as a created-by-the-book character.
?>While it's possible that Dazai is trying to create debt or obligation in Sigma, it's unlikely that he's teaching him these tricks to use against the Rats. Fyodor, the leader of the Rats, is a master manipulator and liar and it's unlikely that Sigma would be able to see through his webs. Instead, Dazai may be testing Sigma to see what he can learn and if he can make him an ally. But, the true goal of Dazai's actions remains a mystery.
A Quick Recap!
The title of Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 105 was 'At The Small Room, Part 1.' The chapter opened with Atsushi in the middle of a shock. He was confused between wrong and right. He asked himself if preventing the goals of DOA was really the right thing to do. In the end, it was Akutagawa who helped Atsushi make up his mind. Akutagawa told him to look outside. And he saw Dazai pointing him in the direction of the exit. Atsushi chose to leave the room and report to Fukuzawa, despite Teruko's protests. The scene shifted to Dazai and Sigma playing rock-paper-scissors. Sigma was upset that he couldn't win. But Dazai told him it was due to his timing.
He explained that the tension in one's arm and the look on their face can reveal their next move. However, with enough practice, even Sigma could master this skill. Dazai then revealed that all was just a trick. And that he was not someone beyond human or anything. He concluded that in this world, there existed no super, nor ordinary human. The chapter ended with Atsushi's decision to report the Decays of Angel to Fukuzawa, despite his inner turmoil. It also highlighted Dazai's revelation that everything was just a trick. There was no difference between a superhuman and an ordinary human.
Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 106: Release Date
The author took a break in January. Thus, no new chapters will come out this week. However, fans can expect Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 106 to release sometime in February. For more updates, stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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