Call of Antia is celebrating its first anniversary with a new hero and exciting in-game events

Call of Antia is celebrating its first anniversary with a new hero and exciting in-game events

Call of Antia, a Match-3 RPG game available on iOS and Android, is celebrating its first anniversary with plenty of new content and legendary heroes to recruit in the Summon Pool, according to FunPlus, one of the biggest independent mobile game developers in the world. Players can travel to Antia and take on the "Endless Trial" event, a series of tasks that offer fantastic rewards. They can welcome Luna, a 5-star Blue Hero of Idrith Forest, who has arrived in-game to defend Antia.
Players of Call of Antia have enjoyed discovering Antia's fascinating environment over the game's first year, and they have accomplished several milestones detailed in a brand-new infographic available here.
Face the time-limited event "Endless Trial" during the first-anniversary celebration to earn rewards
Players can now access the new, time-limited event, "Endless Trial," which is being offered as part of the anniversary celebration. Dragoneers can utilize energy points to acquire a Trial Certificate. This can then be used to take on "Endless Trial Quests." Players who complete these objectives will earn Trial Points. Trial Points may then be redeemed for prizes in the event store.

?The more trials you pass, the more rewards you unlock! ? Give it a go in the latest Endless Trial event!

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This update will coincide with a new season of Tower of Illusion. It will be available later on February 9 through February 16. Dragooners can select one of the three difficulty levels to challenge. They will be rewarded for their efforts with progress and ranking during the event.
Call of Antia to bring Luna, a new 5-star Blue Hero of Idrith Forest during the celebration
Luna, a new 5-star Blue Hero of Idrith Forest, will be introduced as part of this update to help defend Antia against the Dark Legion. She comes equipped with the exclusive weapon Moonlight. It boosts mana gain by 30% for three turns after using a skill, as well as a new hero skill that deals damage to the target and increases the dodge of nearby allies.

To defend the world from the Dark Legion, which has returned to wreak havoc after 300 years, players in Call of Antia are invited to engage in strategic battles. More than 100 epic heroes are available to collect and level up. However, they won't be working in isolation; with the aid of heroic legendary dragons, the heroes will defeat all foes and uncover the Antia world's hidden mysteries.
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