City Hunter Live-Action: Set To Debut in 2024? New Update, Release Date & Plot

City Hunter Live-Action: Set To Debut in 2024? New Update, Release Date & Plot

Live-Actions are underrated. However, every so often, few films pass the expectations of fans. City Hunter Live-Action is one such anime in this category. The '90s anime adaptation was an all-time hit. But will the live-action be able to mark such feats? Well, all will unfold as soon as the film comes out. The makers of the film have all the updates you need to know regarding the cast, plot, and release date!
The film is based on the Japanese manga series of the same name. Tsukasa Hojo is the author of the manga. The manga was first serialized on Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in 1985. Since then, many adaptations in the form of tv series, anime, and films have come out. City Hunter Live-Action is the latest one inspired by the manga series.

City Hunter Live-Action: Announcement
Netflix has taken the initiative to make the film. Yuichi Sato will direct the film. Earlier, he helmed films like Kisaragi and Nonai Poison Berry live-action. Ryohei Suzuki will take the role of Ryo Saeba. Formerly, he starred in the Hentai Kamen, Tokyo Tribe and Tokyo MER. Thus, both the director and lead actor are common names in the live-action community. No doubt that the new film will live up to its source material. Moreover, Tatsuro Mishima will write the screenplay. Yoshihide Otomo will compose the music. Earlier, the composer worked in the Orange Live-Action project.
?>The source material has inspired many live actions since its debut. So far, the films took place in settings like Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and France. However, the Netflix backed film will take place in Tokyo itself. This might be a good idea for the Japanese fan base who may relate to the film. Likewise, Netflix will collab with HoriPro and Office Shirous to produce the new film.
What Is The Film About?
Ryo Saeba, also known by his alias, City Hunter. A sweeper who attends to all of the requirements of his customers. He is willing to do anything, from bodyguarding to contract murdering. But he won't do the job unless there is a lovely woman involved or if the client's earnestness makes him feel like his heart may explode. Ryo confronts the evil that is plaguing the shadows of the city alongside his partner Kaori Makimura.
She is the younger sister of his late closest friend. Kaori is easily offended and envious when Ryo ogles at other girls. Ryo often takes the brunt of her wrath whenever he engages in such behavior. The plot focuses on the secret relationship that develops between Ryo and Kaori behind the scenes, as well as how the two of them work together to complete each assignment.
City Hunter Live-Action: Release Date
City Hunter Live-Action wil not come out in 2023. Next year is jampacked with many other films and anime series, leaving no space for the live-action. However, Netflix will release the film in 2024. No exact date is out yet. But The Anime Daily team will keep you updated. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates right here.

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