Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run Beginners Guide and Tips

Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run Beginners Guide and Tips
Feb 2023

One of the most awaited games is Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run. It is an idle-based simulation game which is developed by one of the famous developers - <strong>DOLE GAMES. As it totally new game we have decided to cover Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run Beginners Guide and Tips. All the information that we are going to provide you today is totally going to help you for progressing the game and much more. So, let's get into it without wasting any single time.

About Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run

Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run background is all about the fairy tale. Which is filled with darkness and monsters and yes their bosses too. It is totally free to idle anytime you want and many more things. As you can play anywhere you want or wish and another hand. You can use your time for gaining a much more valuable item. In terms of when we talk about the characters then first you are going to start with being a child and your main aim is to fight the monsters and the baddies.


So you can also use equipment as you want as it is divided into six parts and there will be two weapons 1 and 2, that will serve you as primary weapons. Also here the most important equipment is a weapon. So, here you are going to find four types of weapons that is cannon, hammer, harp, and gloves. Here you also have the trial features. You just needed some of the resources like gold, gems, equipment, and shards for playing trial. Basically there you are going to find four types of trials. Such as the Gem Trial, Enhanced Shards, Gloden Trial, and Equipment Trial. Just defeat the bosses and collect them and train them for becoming your new fighting force. Before we go and start the tips and tricks, just in case you have not downloaded Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run yet, then it is available on Google Play.

Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run Beginners Guide and Tips

Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run Tips and Tricks

You can find all the important and much-needed Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run tips below.

Summon - Remember that for improving your character, you have to know that the summon is the most important thing. So, it can be summed in the form of the equipment or it can also be found as the boss fragments. Character - Just like all similar games, we have to upgrade the in-game characters for improving them. But in this game, if you want to upgrade your character, you have to do it in terms of equipment, talent, and skills. In the talent one, there are four different types that are offensive, strategy, fierce and rival. So, basically, you have to decide the one you want to choose in-game.Stats - So, there are three different types of stats, ATK, HP Regen, and HP. Enhancing your stats can also give you an advantage in this game. So when you eliminate any monster you get some amount of gold that can be used for enhancing your boost combat power. All 3 stats can be boosted by gold or you can also watch an ad video.Tasks and Quests - As like with all the other games one more thing is similar in this game for getting an advantage in the game. Complete all the assigned tasks and quests from which you can get rewards.Wolf Burst Forward - So, the wolf bursting forward can be very useful as you can skip the stage or the level. It can be seen as very helpful but here you have to take care of one thing. Just see that your combat power is much more capable or not for defeating the elite enemies. Because it can also be in the opposite way as you can lose and your stage can be dropped.
Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run Beginners Guide and Tips


That's all conclude our Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run Beginners Guide and Tips. By knowing all the information which is mentioned above you really can get a boost or a quick start in this game. Because of the game's auto features you can play it anywhere and anytime which makes it much more enjoyable. You can download this amazing game from Google Play. You can also follow Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run Official Social Media Accounts - Facebook, Twitter, and Discord Server.

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