Deals: Buy Parallels Desktop 18 and Get 14 Mac Apps for Free, Including Fantastical and Cardhop

Deals: Buy Parallels Desktop 18 and Get 14 Mac Apps for Free, Including Fantastical and Cardhop
Feb 2023

Parallels today introduced a new premium Mac app bundle, which includes 14 free macOS apps when you purchase Parallels Desktop 18. The bundle will remain on sale through the end of the month and is available to new and existing Parallels customers.

Apps in the bundle include the following: Parallels Desktop 18, Snagit 2023, Fantastical, PDF Expert, MindManager Essentials, Painter, TextExpander, Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9, WinZip for Mac Pro, Hype 4.1 Professional, Parallels Toolbox, Cardhop, AdRemover, Fantastical Scheduling, and Parallels Access.


Most of the apps in the bundle are one year subscriptions that will require you renew in 12 months if you wish to keep the services. We've listed all of the apps in the bundle below, along with noting the ones that are subscription services.

New customers can purchase the bundle starting at $99.99 for Parallels Desktop 18 Standard Edition. The Parallels Desktop 18 Pro Edition and Business Edition are available at $119.99/year and $149.99/year respectively. You can also opt to pay a premium price for a one-time purchase of Parallels Desktop 18.

When purchasing any version of Parallels Desktop 18, you'll get the 14 other apps at no extra cost. Existing customers can upgrade to Parallels Desktop 18 Standard Edition for a one-time payment of $69.99. Pro Edition options are available in the form of an annual subscription at $69.99/year.

Snagit 2023 - $62.99 valueFantastical Premium (1 Year) - $19.00 valuePDF Expert Premium (1 Year) - $79.99 valueMindManager Essentials (1 Year) - $99.00 valuePainter Subscription (1 Year) - $199.00 valueTextExpander (1 Year) - $39.96 valueIntego Mac Premium Bundle X9 (1 Year) - $84.99 valueWinZip Pro Suite (1 Year) - $54.95 valueHype v4 Professional - $99.99 valueParallels Toolbox (1 Year) - $24.99 valueCardhop Premium (1 Year) - $19.00 valueAd Remover (1 Year) - $39.99 valueFantastical Scheduling Premium (1 Year) - $19.00 valueParallels Accesss (1 Year) - $19.99 value

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