Dragon Quest The Adventure Of Dai: A Hero's Bonds is shutting down this April

Dragon Quest The Adventure Of Dai: A Hero's Bonds is shutting down this April

Popular RPG Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero's Bonds is officially shutting down all services on 26th April 2023. Developed by Square Enix, the game was launched in 2021 and was popular for its fresh additions to the genre. On January 25th, 2023, the team shared the post on the discontinuation of the game after a year and four months of service.
The team found it difficult to keep up with the challenges
As confirmed in their announcement, the team wanted to achieve a few things to build the game to an even better state. However, after the team's internal discussions, they believed that maintaining the same level of quality in the future would be difficult for various reasons, and hence decided of ending the service.


We regret to announce that DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai: A Hero's Bonds will be ending service on 2023/4/26 at 8:00 pm PST.
We offer our apologies for the sudden nature of this news.

See the following for details:https://t.co/MnkHIHKBuv pic.twitter.com/V1xFAxzhTT
This came as a sudden announcement to the fans and the players of the game, as they did not expect the quick downfall of their favourite game. The developers themselves recognized this, but a decision was to be finalized and they chose the best one for themselves.
Since the game's launch on 27th September 2021, it was well received by the audience for its gameplay. The game was equipped with good character models, music, and a unique combat style it presented. The story modes presented in the chapters were also a fresh change for many gamers.
End of Service schedule and Final Updates
To avoid confusion among the players, the team has announced the End of Service schedule that will be followed until the shutdown of the game.
data-align="center"><strong>DateEnd of Service Roadmap
25th January 2023Red Gems sale discontinuation.
Item packs sale discontinuation.
Gold Pass sale discontinuation.
29th January 2023Disable automatic renewal of Gold Pass.
5th February 2023Free Treasure Hunt for players on their 1st or 2nd Gold Pass purchase
26th April 2023End of Service

The team has planned updates for the players, with the final chapters release of both Dragon Tracks and the Bonding Journey to complete the game. The team will also come with a Treasure Hunt which will offer previously Exclusive and Season-Exclusive equipment. Keep an eye on the official announcements.

While this adventure is coming to a close, we sincerely hope that not many games with good potential end up facing the same fate. We can wait and see if any upcoming game can fill this void.
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