Genshin Impact release information about Kirara, the upcoming Dendro character

Genshin Impact release information about Kirara, the upcoming Dendro character

Genshin Impact has revealed a new character named Kirara, who will be a Dendro support character and will release soon in the game. She is a medium female model type with green eyes, blonde hair, and a Catgirl appearance.Kirara is a Youkai- a Nekomata with two twin twirling tails who works as a special courier for the Komaniya Express delivery company in Inazuma. She uses a sword as her weapon and can summon vines and flowers to aid her allies or hinder her enemies.

"Sign here please~ Meow!"
Hello, Travelers~ Today, we will be introducing a new character, Kirara!
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Genshin Impact Kirara: Abilities and Gameplay

Kirara with high mobility, is known for her ability to provide shields and deal AoE damage with her Dendro skills. Using her Elemental Skill, she casts a shield that absorbs DMG for her party, and upon holding her Elemental Skill, she enters the "Urgent Neko Parcel" state to move and fight at a faster pace.When she uses her Elemental Burst, Kirara will throw down a Special Delivery Package that deals with AoE Dendro DMG and generates many Cat Grass Cardamoms that will deal Dendro DMG to opponents who come into contact with them.

Genshin Impact Kirara: Personality and Background

She is known for her adorable and vivacious personality and was originally a stray cat who was taken in by a Granny. Granny taught Kirara how to speak and use magic, and also gave her a human form. However, Kirara still retains some of her cat-like habits and preferences, such as sleeping on roofs, catching fish from ponds, and scratching her claws.[photo1]Image via HoYoverseKirara enjoys exploring the world and learning new things, but she also faces some troubles as a human-nekomata hybrid. She finds human rules and customs confusing and restrictive, and she often attracts unwanted attention from both humans and youkai. She also has a strong appetite for fish, especially sashimi platters, which sometimes causes trouble at restaurants.

Genshin Impact Kirara: Availability, release date, and why you should pull for her

Kirara will be available in the upcoming version 3.7 update, which is set to launch on May 24th. She is a fun and unique character who can bring a lot of utility and damage to your team along with being a 4 star which makes her availability a

lot easier for the community. Kirara is a great addition to any Dendro fan who wants to explore the new element in Genshin Impact. If you are interested in getting Kirara, you can try your luck in her upcoming banner or wait for her to be added to the standard wish pool.Are you excited about the release of Kirara in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comment section below.