Heroes Never Die! Beginner's Guide and Tips

Heroes Never Die! Beginner's Guide and Tips
Feb 2023

Welcome to the world of <strong>Heroes Never Die! Beginner's Guide and Tips. In this article, you can learn all the basics of the Heroes Never Die game. All the basic things and tips will gonna help here. That's why we decided to cover some of the helpful tips and tricks which can help you for mastering it. It's not going to be only for the players who are new or old. Because you will find something important here that can help improve your game so that you can get a boost in-game. So let's get started and learn more about the wonderful world of Heroes Never Die!

About Heroes Never Die!

Heroes Never Die is a free-to-play, RPG developed and released by GameDuo. It is all well known for its special feature - resurrection. The game is all set in a medieval fantasy world. Here each and every battle that you will battle against is completely full of thrills and fun. Heroes Never Die comes with a simple idle play where you can experience rapid leveling and in case if you are busy then it can play of its own.

Another thing that the game is known for is the various characters that come with play. You can easily switch to any hero just by resurrecting. Not you can switch to different heroes but also you can play. With all the different skills that each and every character comes with within this amzaing game. So, at the time when we talk about the story of this game then Heroes never die is all around the constant dark theme of death and the resurrection. Here, you were given control of a prince in this game. The whole army has been defeated by the hands of the dark forces and he himself has been defeated.


Moving ahead let's take look at some of the important tips and tricks. These are always going to help you guys for getting a kick start in this game. Even if you are an old player and case if you are totally new player to this game then you must read all the tips and tricks for getting a lot of benefits in this game.

Tip# 1 - Never Waste In-Game Resource

Just like all the other games here you also have some important resources that you needed to save them. Like the gems, character Soulstones, and coins, they can be seen every helpful for making your character much stronger.

Tip# 2 - Train All Your Heroes

Always remember to train your heroes in this game, if you want to win the battles against the higher level enemies. It is kind of similar to every other game for making your hero's character stronger and stronger you have to level up but here you have to train them for making them stronger by time passes. You can do it so just by your in-game available resource, such as coins and gems.

Tip# 3 - Character Soulstones

Remember, here the character soul stones are one of the most essential parts of the game and you need to use them only when it is required to do. It cannot be easily collected in this game. You can only receive the character soul stones only when your character reaches specific milestones or at the time when the character levels up.

Tip# 4- Prime Soul

Heroes never die game resolves all around the soul of the prince that was preserved which is known by the court wizard, just as we have mentioned above. As we have mentioned above that the game comes with various character options, where you have to play with each character in this game to unlock new specific abilities that the character comes with.

But, at the time when you play that particular character with the prince's soul equipped then remember that that particular character hero becomes the main character and you will receive a 2x points bonus and that simply makes the game much easier.

Heroes Never Die! Beginner's Guide and Tips

That all concludes our Heroes Never Die! Beginner's Guide and Tips. We have tried to gather all the tips and tricks for this game which can be very useful for you guys. In case you think that we have left anything then you can let us know in the comment section. So, go and enjoy one of the greatest RPGs Heroes Never Die. It is available on Google Play and the App Store for free. Happy Gaming!

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