Horimiya Chapter 129: Graduation Ceremony Trip! Release Date & Plot

Horimiya Chapter 129: Graduation Ceremony Trip! Release Date & Plot
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Nov 2022

Even though the manga officially ended, Horimiya author still surprises fans with new chapters. It gave hope to the fans that they would see more of Horimiya's sweet moments. But so far, the author has focused on the side characters. Well, Chapter 129 will hopefully please everyone. Thus, for fans, Horimiya Chapter 129 is under the radar. Many wonder if mangaka will make Chapter 129 a direct sequel to the official ending. Will it happen? Here is all you need to know about Chapter 129 Release Date & Plot.
Meanwhile, fans on the internet are spamming the discussion threads about what they want to see next. Till now, the author released the side chapters in random order of time. For instance, Chapter 128 was an event from the summertime. Keep reading to find out the next plot!
Horimiya Chapter 129: What Will Happen Next?
The title of Horimiya Chapter 129 is not out yet. While Horimiya officially ended on a good note, fans are yet to see the couple getting married. HERO's webcomic covers it, but the manga has yet to do so. This is one of the important extra chapters that Daisuke may plan to add to his story. And with it, the manga will become whole. While on the other side, many fans had mixed feelings over Toru and Yuki's relationship. They never became an official couple. And it seemed Yuki was satisfied with just having feelings for Toru. Therefore, Daisuke may also fill this gap with a side story for the duo.
On the other hand, there is a possibility that the mangaka may dwell on the aftermath of their graduation. Many fans expressed their desire to see the group on a graduation trip since it would be their final time together. Chapter 128 was a side story from Horimiya memorial book. It seems Mangaka Daisuke will also adapt the next one from the same book. It's an illustrious art book with many short stories. Likewise, the author also covers events from the webcomic that the manga did not. So there is no telling from which source Daisuke will cover chapter 129.
A Quick Recap!
The title of Horimiya Chapter 128 was 'Summer In The Mind's Eye'. The story takes place sometime before the couple's graduation. The chapter started with Sengoku helping Sakura in tidying the classroom. She told Sengoku that she always thought they kept the documents pretty organized. In reality, it was quite the opposite. While they were talking, Iura and Toru joined in and helped them. Sakura revealed that since they would graduate soon, they won't need the room anymore.
So the two student councils were cleaning up. Soon Miyamura, Yanagi, and Hori also joined in. Meanwhile, Sengoku was getting muscle soreness with all the heavy work, and everyone teased him. But Remi defended him and gave compliments. While they were done with the packing, they found a photo inside one of the boxes. It was a picture from when they were on the beach in the summer. The group became nostalgic. And now they were planning a new trip!
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Horimiya Chapter 129: Release Date
Chapter 128 hints at a new trip after their graduation! Horimiya officially ended in 2022. The last chapter came in July of 2022. Since then, there has been no update from the mangaka's end. So will Horimiya Chapter 129 return? Knowing so much stuff is left out to cover yet, Daisuke can still explore and come up with the next chapter. There is no official announcement on Chapter 129 yet. But The Anime Daily Team will keep the fans updated. Stay Tuned!