How To Fight Chapter 158: Weak Are Meant To Protect! Release Date & Plot

How To Fight Chapter 158: Weak Are Meant To Protect! Release Date & Plot

Initially, Yoo Hankang believed he needed to join the organization at any cost. But after learning the truth, he decides to go rogue. He wasn't alone. Avid readers also believed he did the right thing to protect the weak and bring justice. But will everything go as per his plan? As of now, in How To Fight Chapter 158, everything will be in their favor, but soon things will turn upside down when the boss of this organization shows up. Keep reading to know more.
In the forthcoming chapter, Seo Haesoo and Yoo Hankang will learn about the dark secrets of the organization. So they decide to defeat them and stop this organization here only. They will also work to protect the weaklings.

How To Fight Chapter 158: What Will Happen Next?
Now in the upcoming chapter Yoo and Seo will join forces to defeat the organization. They have already filmed a scene where Seo attempts to kill a weakling. So that they could use it as proof against the organization, they also discovered that the teacher was filming them to check who was worthy of staying. But now that they know everything, they decided to protect the weak and defeat the seniors and teachers.
?>Seo and the rest of the group follow Yoo's order and head to help the kids escape the place. After helping everyone to leave the place, they will head to deal with the boss of this organization. In between, they will be smashing others, hitting hard on their face, and kicking their back. Their anger will be at its peak. So they will use all brutal means to destroy their opponents.
A Quick Recap!
Previously in How To Fight Chapter 157, Yoo Hankang's skills were tested as he was asked to stab the sacks before him. But he refused to do it as he could sense people's breath. He later opened the sacks and discovered three innocent people were being a hostage. Yoo argued with the seniors, but they refused to reveal anything about this situation and in return, they told him he failed the exams. They also revealed that those kids were weaklings, so they wanted to use them instead of releasing them.
But it pissed Yoo off, and he decided to retreat. Later the senior reported to the head of the organization that Yoo had changed his mind about stabbing the sacks. So they had confined him in a classroom for now. But amid this, Yoo realized that this was what happened to Cha Hojun and how he died. But he didn't want to become the victim of this mess. So he mapped an escape plan. Yoo then approached Seo Haesoo to help save the kids and destroy this organization. They uncovered the organization secret and decided to go rogue, leaving the seniors bleeding on the ground.
How To Fight Chapter 158: Release Date
Yoo and Seo will continue their battle against the organization to bring justice. But can they take down the head of the organization? You will find it in How To Fight Chapter 158, which will release on November 27, 2022, on Naver Webtoon and Kakao page. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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