How To Fight Chapter 162: Seo Haesoo The Baddy! Release Date & More

How To Fight Chapter 162: Seo Haesoo The Baddy! Release Date & More

The manhwa has dropped a shocking bombshell in the previous chapter, and now fans know it will start messing up with our hero's life. He has no idea what is brewing behind his back and who's targeting him. But in How To Fight Chapter 162, he will get a better idea of the situation when he meets a familiar face. Will it be Seo Haesoo? Possibly! But nothing is clear at this point. So be ready for the new craziest arc. Keep reading to know more.
The forthcoming storyline will focus on Hobin's new mission. But it is different from the last one. Although fans know it isn't, from his perspective, it has something to do with the kidnapping case. So he will start his investigation to find the main culprit behind this. Let's see how things will unfold.

How To Fight Chapter 162: What Will Happen Next?
In the upcoming chapter, Hobin will join the runaway group in his undercover mission. He needs to locate the girl who's been missing after she and her twin brother escaped from home. But he doesn't know someone has already captured her and given her drugs. Perhaps it has to do with the crime boss, who wants to expand their organization.
?>However, Hobin has no clue now and will join the group to learn more about it. He can't join the academy as he has already exposed himself, so it won't be a nice thing to do. But Hobin will let himself get kidnapped. After this, he will learn some similarities between both organizations and try to find more evidence. He also wants to expose the academy and who's behind this. So it will be a great opportunity for him to do that.
A Quick Recap!
Previously in How To Fight Chapter 161, Seo Haesoo approached Yoo Hobin and asked to join their group. But his friend Seong Taehoon interfered and picked a fight with Haesoo. However, Hobin had no idea why Haesoo approached him and was eager to learn about it; soon after, Haesoo received a call, leaving Hobin without saying a word. It made Hobin curious, but he decided to leave the matter there. Soon the scene switched to a restaurant where Haesoo was waiting for someone, and it revealed to be the crime boss who killed the director in the previous week's chapter. The person contacted Haesoo and asked him to meet him.
He also requested he gathers all the members who destroyed the organization. Soon Haesoo picked four of them, and they agreed to work with the crime boss. Later he made them the new international Branch's Core Forces. Surprisingly, Haesoo accepted the offer, and now he was turned against Hobin. The crime boss mentioned that he believed Hobin was their biggest enemy, and they needed to destroy him. Meanwhile, Hobin got a request for another case. The runaway kids were separated, and one of them was missing. Now they asked him to help locate her.
How To Fight Chapter 162: Release Date
Hobin doesn't know that he's trapped. Nothing is moving the way he wants to. How To Fight Chapter 162 will release on December 25, 2022. It will be available on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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