Lore Olympus Chapter 227: 'A Divine Disturbance'! Release Date & Plot

Lore Olympus Chapter 227: 'A Divine Disturbance'! Release Date & Plot

Lore Olympus Chapter 227 will descend to the underworld soon. And the gods and mortals alike hold their breath in anticipation for what's to come. Will Persephone finally forgive Hades for his past mistakes? Will Apollo confess his love for Persephone? Or will Hermes' affinity for thievery finally land him in hot water? All this and more will slowly unfold in the latest chapter, where the drama is hotter than a three-headed dog's breath. Thus, here is all you need to know about the Chapter 227 plot & release date.
Next time in Lore Olympus, the Gods will assemble to attend Persephone's Coronation. However, fans noticed Persephone prioritized Hera's feelings over the event. It may be due to the string of jealousy. But keep reading to find out more!

Lore Olympus Chapter 227: What Will Happen Next?
The gods are gathering for Persephone's coronation, but things aren't looking too regal for our queen- to-be. With Persephone's attention focused more on Hera's feelings than the big event, some call it a 'crown-sclerosis.' Will jealousy rear its ugly head and ruin the big day? It will all depend on whether Hera attends the event and how Persphone handles the situation. Last time she almost felt uncomfortable when Hades called Hera as Bunny.
?>Meanwhile, Kassandra (the high priestess of Apollo) will officially make her debut. But her inclusion in the story might be a sign of things changing drastically. Will we see the infamous mythological Trojan War play out in Lore Olympus? Will Kassandra be able to change her tragic fate? One thing's for sure: the upcoming chapter will be as epic as Achilles' heel. So, grab your shield and sword, as the next few chapters may bring it down to a war!
A Quick Recap!

Lore Olympus Chapter 226 opened up with Hera imagining things. She came over to meet with Hades and Persephone. But it seemed that she was lost in her own thoughts. However, soon the duo snapped her back to reality. And the conversation switched over to Kronos and his child deity. They were worried that Kronos might take over Tartarus. But Hera assured them that she had already dealt with Kronos, and everyone was safe now. Finally, Hera revealed that she came to take about the coronation event.
However, Hades interrupted her and asked who was the deity she saw in the dreams. But she couldn't recall who it was. Hades told her not to push herself. And the group again switched over to the coronation topic. The chapter wouldn't be complete without a little bit of good ribbing. And thus, Hera tauntingly asked why Hades hadn't bought any jewelry for Persephone yet. However, Hades gave excuses and replied that he was working on something. The chapter brought to a close with a teaser of Kassandra.
Lore Olympus Chapter 227: Release Date
Lore Olympus releases new chapters every week on Sundays. Chapter 227 will release on January 15, 2023. The next chapter will see further complications in the story with Kassandra's debut. Catch up on all the earlier chapters only on Webtoon, or you'll be as confused like a mortal at a godly banquet. At the same time, stay tuned to the site for any news. The Anime Daily is the hottest source for anime updates, and we've got all the scoop you need straight from the source!

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