Madtale Beginner's Guide And Tips

Madtale Beginner's Guide And Tips
Mar 2023

Have you just started out playing Madtale? Have you been exploring the game slowly and want some easy cheats which will make you gain more from the game? Then you have landed on the right page! Madtale is an RPG developed by Archosaur Games where you can summon and cultivate heroes easily, fight strategic battles, experience the new rogue-like adventure, and dominate the PVP arena with all that you have. Here we have mentioned some of the cool tips cum beginner's guide that you can follow to play Madtale effortlessly! Let's get started!

Basics Upgrading Tips Before Starting Out

Madtale is solely about collecting and upgrading partners which will help you get the best output in the battles you play. Choosing a partner with a good HP, high damage power, DEF, and attacking skills is important. There are special types of skills and ultimate skills. You would be able to upgrade your partners either to level 3 or level 4 depending upon the partner you chose. Before upgrading make sure you have the best team formation set in your mind, and upgrade partners simultaneously.

Madtale Beginner's Guide And Tips

Do not ever waste resources by upgrading all the partners one by one. Rather it is advisable to go for only two upgrades at a single time. The entire dungeon cannot be cleared out with a single team. So you need to keep on collecting characters. From our experience, we collect over 10 characters!

Never Miss Out On Daily Rewards

Madtale is certainly a rewarding game where you can be idle and still get the best resources to upgrade or buy items inside the game. As a beginner, you will be blessed with too many rewards to collect coming your way including the daily rewards you get upon logging in for the first time each day. Apart from this, one must not miss out on completing the quests, achievements, daily missions, and other side events that will get you stuff like gold coins, diamonds, gems, and more. All in all, do keep on visiting each section of the game with red notice dots to see whether you have any free rewards or not. Also, make sure you pay a visit to the Wagon to get memory essence, coins, gear, and more for free.

Madtale Beginner's Guide And Tips

The Bag And Its Components

In the Madtale, the Bag represents a kind of farming inventory for you. You will find four sections - Alchemy, Gear, Shard, and Item as soon as you open your bag and will be able to see all your specific collectibles in each section. You might want to keep opening your bag from time to time to know what all you have collect and what all are usable. For example, you can get the combination of Shard to get new characters, Gear combos to upgrade, coins to get more usable coins, and more stuff like this. So understanding the statistical combination becomes an important criterion here.

Madtale Beginner's Guide And Tips

Story And The Battle Mode

Since Madtale is an RPG, you will be enjoying an adventure story here. There are too many chapters to complete with each giving you handsome rewards upon successful completion. While you play the story, you will see some choices which you need to make. Be sure what you choose as it will decide the fate of your gameplay. Since this is an idle game, the battles might seem not to be very interesting but choosing the right characters for your team is important to win. Also, the PVP arena is something enjoyable where you can earn maximum rewards for as many combats as you win.

Fountain, Castle, Museum And Memorial Palace

You will find fountains where you can go to reset your characters easily by utilizing just 20 gems. Castles are the areas where you can find story sections and magical smelting which can help you in clearing out the dungeons. Memorial palace is sort of a mini map and character guide, where you can know the stories of different characters, converse with them, enjoy the quest line, and more. You can visit museum to upgrade your partners and see the stats of each partner you own.

Madtale Beginner's Guide And Tips

That concludes everything for the Madtale Beginner's Guide. Just follow these amazing tips and tricks while you play, and see how your gameplay changes better! For more guides, the latest news, tier lists, and mobile gaming updates make sure to bookmark Mobile Gaming Hub and visit daily!

Madtale is available on Google Play to download. Have fun!

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