Merger Legion Beginners Guide and Tips

Merger Legion Beginners Guide and Tips
Feb 2023

In the strategy games genre, we have one all-new game Merger Legion. It comes with all new and stunning graphics with all iconic historical characters. So, today we have decided to cover Merger Legion Beginners Guide and Tips. All the guidelines and tips that we will provide below are undoubtedly going to help you guys definitely. In case you are new to this game. Then believe me all the information mentioned below will give you a boost start in the game. So, let's get started.

Here you have to establish your empire and have to hunt down the areas on barren islands for setting up your own island. You have to build every single thing from starting to mines, defenses, and barracks. Which can be useful for you to use at the time of the attacks. As those are the things that going to help you to save your village.

Here you guys needed to upgrade all the things from time to time. As you have to upgrade the city hall by researching the itineraries. Hence it can be helpful for you to upgrade the island. Merger Legion comes with much easier gameplay mechanics. Also here you have to fight against your enemy troops and needed to take them down for conquering them. Here you have to upgrade all the things in the city from its troop's defense and all you have upgraded in time for making one of the most powerful islands. Even you can train all your troops for making them much more powerful and also you can even merge the archers and the warriors into themselves just by swiping them toward each other.

Merger Legion Beginners Guide and Tips

Basics of Merger Legion That You Must Know

In Merger Legion, there are some basic things that you just need to required to know for getting a kick start.

Heroes - There are more than forty plus heroes which are categorized into a few tiers and classes. Each and every hero were way powerful and yes they can easily lead your troops for the best battle results and experience. Inventory - Many people maybe don't know each of the in-game resources. Where you will receive in-game is going to be stored in your game's inventory. Each and every item from starting with the EXP boosters, chests, soldiers, decor, and heroes to jewels every single thing. Basically, it makes the game much easier for players all around the world.In-Game Currency - Like we know that each and every game comes with some in-game currency Merger Legion also has some of them. Which are Gold, Diamond, and EXP boosters. All those are the most important thing in this game. As gold can be useful for building new architects and also upgrading them. Diamond can help you for completing the task. At last EXP Boosters will help you guys for upgrading the troop's members and the heroes.
Merger Legion Beginners Guide and Tips

Merger Legion Tips and Ticks

Moving ahead let's talk about some really important tips and tricks that going to help you a lot in this game. So, without wasting a single time let's get into it.


Alliance - As same, most of the game also comes with a feature which is known as an alliance. If I were you can join the clan. The reason for joining a clan is that it can help you for reaching out to clan other members for any help and yes you can also others in the clan in case anyone needs your help. Tasks - Tasks where the area where you going to get many assigned jobs and once you completed the assigned tasks you are going to device in-game rewards. that's going to help you a lot in-game for progressing. Those rewards can be anything starting from golds, and diamonds to EXP boosters. Territory - One thing that you always needed to keep in your mind is that you always need to prioritize upgrading your territory. For upgrading, you have to save the required amount of resources and then just simply upgrade it. With it, you can easily acquire more experience and can level up much more easily. Heroes and Troops - After your territory, the next thing that you need to look for is to upgrade the troops and the heroes. Always remember that those heroes and troops are going to be the backbone of your village. Upgrade and Research - By upgrading and doing more research you can unlock more buildings and yes you can also unlock more features which can help you to upgrade the whole territory more easily.
Merger Legion Beginners Guide and Tips

So, that's all concludes our Merger Legion Beginners Guide and Tips. We have only those tips and tricks that really going to help you in the progression of this amazing game. We hope all those information will really going to provide you with a great kickstart in the game. Merger Legion is available on Google Play and the App Store. You can also follow Merger Legion Official Facebook Page for more information.

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