Michael Richards' Net Worth

Michael Richards' Net Worth
Apr 2023

What is Michael Richards' net worth? Actor Michael Richards rose to huge success and fame after bagging his breakthrough role as the eccentric Cosmo Kramer in the iconic comedy sitcom Seinfeld. Richards' movie credits include Coneheads, Airheads, Trial and Error, and Problem Child. He later made a guest appearance in Curb Your Enthusiasm in 2009. The actor's career went through a significant change after he got involved in a controversial incident.

After his long hiatus, the actor was later seen in the television sitcom titled Kirstie, where he played the role of Frank Baxter. However, the show did not continue for long and was canceled in just one season.

While fans have been hoping to see the series regular gather around for a potential Seinfeld reunion, series star Jerry Seinfeld states how there is a strong possibility that the cast wouldn't be as good in a reunion setting while further adding that he was content with the show that they all produced during its successful original nine-season run. Let us find out Michael Richards' net worth.

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What Is Michael Richards' Net Worth?Where is Michael Richards Now?
  • What Happened to The The Michael Richards Show?
What Happened to The The Michael Richards Show?

What Is Michael Richards' Net Worth?

Michael Richards' Net Worth is estimated to be something around $50 million. After Michael Richards' success with the comedy sitcom, the actor took up a few acting gigs but chose to remain away from the media limelight for a long time. As the actor became notoriously private about his life, one of his Seinfeld co-stars made a revelation about the actor.

What is Michael Richards' Net Worth? (Credits: People)

Sarah Silverman, who made an appearance on The Seinfeld, once revealed how her experience on the show was not a pleasant one as series regular Michael Richards repeatedly shouted at her.

However, Silverman rooms her stance, and the actor was understanding and was not offended. The co-stars maintained a cordial term as Silverman recalled how Richards would even call her up over the years after her time on the show ended.

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Where is Michael Richards Now?

While the actor had a few acting gigs after Seinfeld got over, the actor faced major backlash after he got involved in a rather problematic incident at the Laugh Factory in 2006. It was reported that the actor uttered a racist rant after being heckled, and not only that, but he even used the N-word several times. His meltdown grabbed huge media attention, and later even though he issued an apology, the actor took a rather long hiatus from the limelight.

While talking about it, Richards explained in an early interview in 2013 how Michael Richards explained that after his meltdown, he decided to take time off from the industry and took up photography, and further did a lot of reading, a lot of writing, and even traveled a bit.

The actor later looked back at the incident and recalled how somebody interrupted his act and said some things that hurt him, and that is when he lashed out in anger. The Seinfeld actor called it a selfish response and admitted that he took it too personally.

What Happened to The The Michael Richards Show?

While almost all the lead stars of Seinfeld enjoyed huge fame and success even after their time on the show was over, fans were left wondering what happened to Michael Richards. Network giant NBC soon launched The Michael Richards Show just two years after Seinfeld ended.

Michael Richards played the lead role of Vic Nardozza, was semi inept private investigator who got eventually got into all kinds of unwanted mishaps in the course of working his cases.

Michael Richards ( Credits: The Hollywood Reporter)

Despite having the creative writers Spike Feresten and Gregg Kavet behind the show, sadly enough, the show failed to work its magic in fans and eventually tanked. Later, actor William Devane who was seen playing the role of Brady McKay as the head of Nardozza's agency, admitted that the show was rather unfixable and that lead star Michael Richards reportedly had a really warped sense of what the show was about.

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