Minecraft fan 3D prints his entire Minecraft world

Minecraft fan 3D prints his entire Minecraft world

After a Minecraft player's father made use of his craftsmanship to bring the iconic wooden door from the game to the real world, we now have another player who has created a 3D print of his Minecraft world in real life.
The 3D print of Minecraft world looks plain but well detailed
Posted on Reddit by u/Lazor226, the print shows off their world with various structures present. It's not been colored in so it looks rather plain, however, it's still a pretty detailed physical recreation. The creator added that they made use of an online guide to complete the build. This 3D print build showcases just how many ways Minecraft allows players to express their creativity.

Another fan of the game added in their own creation, a red blocky ship that they printed out and there were a lot of other comments giving out tips to anyone else who might want to try out such a printing process for themselves.

Minecraft fan 3D prints his entire Minecraft world
Image via Reddit

Some other really amazing builds we've seen (inside the game), so far, include a giant Crab Statue, a cute little Turtle Sanctuary, a giant PacMan arcade machine, a base in a globe, the Nether being terraformed, a baseball stadium, a giant statue, the recreation of a DOOM poster, Africa's Toto, and Metallica's Master of Puppets album cover.
There were also actually playable games like Snake game created by a genius Redstone engineer, Valorant, and Super Mario, locations like SpongeBob SquarePants' Krusty Krab, abandoned and urban cities, the fictional planet of Gallifrey, Bloodborne's Yharnam, One Piece' Onigashima, the Milky Way which got featured on an official Minecraft video and even more.
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