Minecraft player has terraformed the Nether to create a Nether Hub

Minecraft player has terraformed the Nether to create a Nether Hub

We're quite used to seeing amazing feats of creativity and hard work in the blocky world of Minecraft by now and today we have a similar example coming over from Reddit, where this crazy build acquired a bunch of attention and upvotes after it completely changed the face of the Nether, making it a Nether Hub that is really amazing and beautiful to look at, and certainly quite different from the hellish lands consisting of lava and the dull red expanse we're used to.

The Nether Hub build in Minecraft took an entire year to complete
Brought to us by the aptly named u/mining_moron, this build took a year to complete and the creator apparently dug up close to 3 million blocks, consisting of 1.9 million blocks of netherrack, 700,000 blocks of basalt, 150,000 blocks of Blackstone, and smaller amounts of soul sand, soul soil, nylium, and other blocks.

After an entire year and 2.5 million blocks mined, this is my progress on terraforming the Nether in hardcore from Minecraft

And the end result is simply beautiful to look at. The red and yellow of the lava have been replaced with vibrant shades of green, which hang off and stretch out into caverns and off into the distance. Not to mention, Water! That's right. Making use of the glow lichen snapshot, the builder managed to bring water into the Nether, which usually isn't ever possible. It violates the current rules the game itself plays by but it looks really amazing and if you can find an exploit then Minecraft gets just a little more creatively liberating than it already is.

Minecraft player has terraformed the Nether to create a Nether Hub
Image via Reddit
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