MU Archangel adds a brand-new Wing Soul system with the 1.16 update patch

MU Archangel adds a brand-new Wing Soul system with the 1.16 update patch

Global game publisher and developer <strong>WEBZEN revealed that its mobile MMORPG, MU Archangel, got the most recent 1.16 update patch on February 16.

MU Archangel brings the Wing Soul System with the latest update patch

In the most recent update, a brand-new Wing Soul system is presented. It allows players to improve and infuse Wing Souls into their wings. Wings Souls are accessories that can be used to customize the look of the wings and grant additional stat benefits.

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Players can feel the full strength of the Wing Soul in their wings and characters through Wing Soul content. After achieving Master Lv. 350, players have access to Wing Soul content, can upgrade, infuse, and awaken their Wings Soul to boost the strength of the Option Effects. Wing Soul update gives players access to exclusive Wing Soul choices. However, it needs Flame items like Faint White Flame, which can be acquired through Daily Packages.

Earn Soul Infusion options with the 1.16 update patch in the game

Players can gain a lot of Soul Infusion choices through Wing Soul Infusion by fusing Breath of Phoenix into their Wing Soul. It is possible to infuse all classes and tiers of Wing Soul. And each tier of Wing Soul can infuse up to a 10-Star Rating.


MU Archangel adds a brand-new Wing Soul system with the 1.16 update patch
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Players who reach Master Lv. 350 can awaken the Wing and receive exceptional awakening choices in addition to awakening property skills that are tailored for PVP fights. This is in addition to the upgrade and infusion.

Only Southeast Asian nations presently offer the global version of MU Archangel for download on the Google Play Store and App Store in English, Thai, and Chinese. MU Archangel fans can participate in the Valentine's Day event on the game's official Facebook page until February 19th to receive prizes like an EXP potion, a Spirituality of Criticality Promotion Scroll, and a Jewel of Evolution.

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