My Hero Academia Manga DISCONTINUED Due To Creator's Health Issue

My Hero Academia Manga DISCONTINUED Due To Creator's Health Issue

Fans have been highly waiting to learn the fate of the characters as the series is currently in its final act, and anything can happen now. However, we have disappointing news for the series fans. My Hero Academia Manga is facing some setbacks due to some serious concerns. Further, the creator has announced that soon the manga will enter its fourth/fifth issue with a cover feature. So keep polling on its official account. But before that, keep reading to know more.
The manga started serializing in Weekly Shonen Jump in July 2014. The chapters are collected into individual tankobon volumes. Its first volume was released in November 2014, while its 36th compiled book volume shipped on October 4 in Japan. Now the manga is in its final act. Later it gained the license for English-language release by Viz Media and started serializing in August 2015.

My Hero Academia Manga: Official Announcement!
Fans have eagerly awaited My Hero Academia Chapter 376, which they suppose to drop by now. However, it never happened. While everyone started wondering whether the manga was on break, the official Twitter account cleared the air. The official Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia manga page announced that the manga would be on a break. It will be on a week-long hiatus due to mangaka's poor health. There will be no new chapter in the third 2023 issue.
?>Further, the manga will return with the fourth/fifth 2023 issue as soon as the break gets over. But there's news that the manga will face another suspension after the issue and continue to resume normal publication after that break.
Is My Hero Academia Manga Discontinuing?
In Jump Festa 2022, the mangaka Horikoshi announced that the series would end this year. However, deeming the current state of the manga, it doesn't look like he will be able to wrap up the series by the end of 2023. Thus there's no point that the series will discontinue. So fans are expecting another tentative end date for the series. The upcoming Jump Festa will be followed by issue 4/5, a break, and issue 6/7. After then, it will start resuming regular publication.
My Hero Academia Manga: Release Date
As mentioned above, the manga is on break and won't return soon. However, the official page announced that My Hero Academia Chapter 376 would return to the Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 4/5 on December 26, at midnight JST. Fans can also catch it on Viz, MangaPlus, and the Shonen Jump App. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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