My Life As Inukai's Dog Episode 3: The Seduction Plan! Release Date & Plot

My Life As Inukai's Dog Episode 3: The Seduction Plan! Release Date & Plot
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Jan 2023

It has been days since Pochita reincarnated into a dog. He has been wagging his tail and doing tricks for Karen. But deep down, he's still a human, longing to uncover the mystery behind his sudden woof-tastic transformation. He lost his memories before becoming a dog. Will he finally find the secret of his four-legged fate? Here is all you need to know about My Life As Inukai's Dog Episode 3 release date and plot.
Next time in My Life As Inukai's Dog, Pochita will try to seduce Nekotani with his cuteness. He wants to go back to his family. Will she fall for his cuteness? Keep reading to find out!

My Life As Inukai's Dog Episode 3: What Will Happen Next?
The title of My Life As Inukai's Dog Episode 3 will be "Scared Neko." The plot will once feature Nekotani and Pochita's struggle to check out on his family. Nekotani is her key since she lives right next to her house. However, Pochita needs some plan to persuade her. He plans to lick her bruised kneecap and show his caring side. Nekotani may melt down from his cuteness and try to pick her up. But will Inukai let her take him away?
?>It doesn't seem so. Pochita has yet to know that Inukai is possessive. Her eyes flame red when anyone ruins her sweet time with Pochita. Meanwhile, Nekotani will make playful attempts to steal him. The episode will be filled with tension and drama as the two women battle for Pochita's affection. Pochita, meanwhile, will be torn between his loyalty to Inukai and his desire to be reunited with his family. It will be a thrilling episode that will keep viewers on edge.
A Quick Recap!
The title of My Life As Inukai's Dog Episode 3 was "Walkies." Pochita had been living with his owner Karen Inukai for a few days. Despite his love for his new home, Pochita had no recollection of what occurred before he became a dog. His last memory was of his room, and everything else was a blur. Pochita had plans to return home and investigate what happened, but due to his small size, he could not open the door to Inukai's house. Luckily, Inukai decided to take him for a walk.
Pochita found himself in awe of the world around him now that everything and everyone appeared so large. He felt self-conscious being naked. Inukai began running down a less crowded street, causing Pochita to follow. While it was entertaining for Inukai, Pochita found it embarrassing as he could see her underwear. Suddenly, a ball flew towards Inukai, but Pochita managed to pull her away, causing them both to fall. They avoided the ball, but Pochita found himself under Inukai's skirt, his nose stuck in her underwear.
Inukai picked him up and scolded him for sniffing around her underwear but thanked him for saving her life. Their walk was interrupted by the arrival of Mike Nekotani, who was there to have a study session with Inukai. Pochita, who had been his next-door neighbor, had never talked to her before. Now, as a dog, Pochita had plans to make Nekotani like him so he could return home. As the episode ended, Inukai left her room, allowing Pochita to try and win over Nekotani.
My Life As Inukai's Dog Episode 3: Release Date
My Life As Inukai's Dog Episode 3 will release on January 20, 2023. Fans can watch the show on HIDIVE. For more updates, keep checking back on this page. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily for all the news and latest scoops!

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