One Piece Chapter 1072 Spoilers OUT, Reddit Leaks, Raw Scans and Chapter Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1072 Spoilers OUT, Reddit Leaks, Raw Scans and Chapter Release Date
Jan 2023

One Piece, as well all know is one of the longest-running manga series and remains one of the most popular one even after two decades with over millions of fans it Weekly around. The story has recently provided us with some major upheavals including how the devil fruits are born in the newest chapters, some of which have not only rocked the foundations of the storyline so far but have also provided us with some new epic scenes that we cannot wait to see animated.
Fans like me and you are excited to see what Oda Sensei is preparing to reveal. So in the rest of this article, we are going to bring you all the known and unknown information related to the One Piece Chapter 1072 spoilers and leaks. You're also going to find out about its release date, whether the leaks are out when spoilers and raw scans will be available, and much more about one of the most popular manga series of the modern era. Here are the bring you the latest One Piece chapter updates.
<strong>One Piece manga 1072 Spoilers, Leaks and Raw Scans from Reddit and Twitter
Currently, there are no One Piece chapter 1072 spoilers available yet. The leaks usually start appearing on Thursday on internet forums such as 4chan, Reddit and Twitter.
The spoilers are expected to start surfacing by Tuesday, January 17th, 2023 whereas the raw scans and full summary on Friday, 19th January. There is a chance we might get early spoilers just like last year during the new year. We will update the article with spoilers as soon they surfaces online.
FINAL UPDATE: Whole chapter summary is out:
Little summary of the chapter by myself Chapter 1,072 : "The weight of memories". Germa 66's Ahh... An Emotionless Excursion Vol. 28 "Mass producing lethal weapons". In the cover, we see Queen preparing viruses, Judge making his spear and Caesar creating a Devil Fruit (Vegapunk and the mistery woman don't appear in this cover). It seems some time passed since last cover. They wear another clothes and Queen is a bit fatter.
Devil Fruit that Caesar is creating is black. Chapter starts with a narration from Vegapunk's journal during MADS time (it's not a flashback, only a text during present time). Vegapunk said that even if the world doesn't accept it, he views "her" as a real human. Vegapunk said to that "this experiment" will be their first step toward peace. Bonney turns herself into a kid and pretends to cry to gain Vegapunk's sympathy. When Vegapunk comes near Bonney, she turns herself again, now into a very buff adult version. She looks bloated, like a balloon (it seems Bonney's powers can make her turn herself into different variations of her future-self or something like that). Bonney knocks Vegapunk's ages out of him in form of sparkling jewels.
Then she turns Vegapunk into a baby that can talk (probably thanks to his genius brain). Vegapunk : "What!? That sparkling jewels are my age!!?" Vegapunk says he can't tell Bonney the reason why he turned Kuma in the past, because that reason will cause Bonney a great pain. That's why Vegapunk promised Kuma he will never tell Bonney the truth. Bonney turns and sees a room with a bear-paw at the door. Bonney walks toward the door and destroys the lock by aging it up (this ability is similar to Shinobu's ability in Wanokuni). Vegapunk and Kuma flashback starts. Vegapunk looks similar to the flashback in Ohara, Kuma wears a white patient clothes with no hat, showing his hair and glasses.
Vegapunk told Kuma that a scientist in the West Blue discovered that humans weigh 21 gram less after they die, so 21 gram is the weight of human's soul. 7 Vegapunk also explains Kuma's "Nikyu Nikyu no Mi" ability. He says Kuma's power turns intangible things into something tangible. For example, Kuma can transform "pain" by turning nerve signal into tangible energy that he can push out of a body.
So by extension, Kuma should be able to do the same with "imagination", "thoughts" or even "memories" as well. Vegapunk wants that Kuma tries to bring out his own memories because he wants to know the "weight" and "size" of human memory. Kuma doesn't want to do that since it's embarassing, but Vegaunk begs him for the sake of science.
There is no delay next week. No Break Next Week. Chapter 1072 on next Thursday (01/19). Chapter 1073 is coming on January 26th.
Update: the spoilers for chapter 1072 will be out on January 17, 2023. Here is a preview for the next chapter
"In this turbulent world, where will the Straw Hats venture next?!"
Update 2: the spoilers will be out tomorrow, stay tuned.
The spoilers generally originates from Japan where the employees at bookstores leaks the section of Shonen Magazine which they receive in advance to display for sale. The employees takes advantage of this and sells out the Raws for a little bit of internet fame.
One Piece chapter 1072 Release Date and Time
One Piece by Oda Eiichiro is published in Shueisha's Weekly Shounen Jump where new chapters are released on a Weekly basis every Sunday which also features more popular Shonen manga such as My Hero Academia, Black Clover and Jujutsu Kaisen. One Piece Chapter 1072 is set to release on Sunday, 22nd January 2023 at 12:00 am JST. The chapter's title, as well as the number of pages, are, as of this moment, unknown.
The series is on break for two weeks in a row due to Oda's personal break and the new year holidays at the office.
Release Time
As for our international audience, here is when chapter 1072 of One Piece will be available to read on VIZ and MangaPlus:
To make it easier, here is an estimate for the release schedule for the next few chapters :
Is One Piece manga On break this week?
Unfortunately Yes, the series is on break this week and the chapter will release as scheduled on next Sunday unless there is a significant break. Keep an eye on the below countdown to know the exact time the chapter will drop.
Countdown For Ch. 1072
One Piece chapter 1072 Plot and Summary
The plot of One Piece Chapter 1072 is not known at this moment and is expected to release by Friday. This is why we are going to bring you a short recap of one of the previous chapters to keep you with what happened before:
Bartholomew Kuma flies through the Grand Line until he hits the Red Port head first. The CP0 team arrives at the Labophase after the Frontier Dome defenses appear to have been deactivated.
Kaku attempts to destroy the Thousand Sunny. Zoro blocks the attack after having been awakened from his nap by it.
Luffy's group (except Bonney) reunites with Sanji's group at the Labophase.
Bonney chases the real Vegapunk.
The Kid Pirates appear to have arrived at their island of choice.
Garp arrives at the G-14 base.
Where to Read One Piece Chapter 1072 online?
Once released in Japan, you can read the latest chapter for free on platforms like Viz Media, Shonen Jump and MangaPlus in English and other supported languages.
Shonen Jump is owned by VIZ media who are the official distributor of One Piece in the US, while MangaPlus is operated by Shueisha themselves. Between the two I will suggest you use the Shonen Jump app cause they have better translations, page quality and a simple user interface.
You can also download VIZ's ShonenJump App or Mangaplus's official app on your Android and IOS smartphones or simply continue reading on thier website.
We insist you to read the latest chapters through official sources instead of unofficial and illegal sites if you truly wish to support Oda and his team for their continuous hard work and efforts.
Well, that's all for today. We will keep you updated on any news related to One Piece's next chapter. Also, be sure to check out the list of manhwa with over 500+ chapters, 400+ chapters, 300+ chapters and 200+ chapters.