One Piece Chapter 1073: Stussy's Loyalty On The Line! Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1073: Stussy's Loyalty On The Line! Release Date
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Jan 2023

One Piece Chapter 1073 will undoubtedly explore an incredibly thrilling storyline and new revelations. The manga will finally explore Stussy's past and how she ends up with Vegapunk. Well, it's something that fans are eager to know, especially since Lucci started doubting her loyalty. Meanwhile, the Vegapunk arc has already left fans baffled. This is because it looks like he has plenty of secrets. So be ready to explore each one of them.
The 1073rd chapter will focus on Dr. Vegapunk's invention and its usefulness in battle. Lucci will finally learn for whom Stussy is working and how she ends up being an agent. Above all, Stussy's loyalty always remains a big question, and it will now be explored in the upcoming chapter. Keep reading to know more.

One Piece Chapter 1073: What Will Happen Next?
Although the title of One Piece Chapter 1073 has yet to be revealed, the manga opens up with a cover page featuring the MADS scientists, including Dr. Vegapunk. While Dr. Vegapunk seems delighted by his tank's invention that shoots flowers, the other scientists appear disgusted by this thought. It questions the other scientists' intentions. Meanwhile, Lucci comments on Stussy's loyalty. He doesn't think that she's loyal to him. It appears genuine, too, when she uses her Paper Arts: Heartbreak After Image technique to attack Lucci.
?>She teases him and then uses a Sea Prism Stone lipstick tube to weaken Lucci. He lets her drain him with her bite, which she does to Kaku. She later praises how strong they are, and she can't fight them fair and square, so this seems more workable. Stussy also asks for forgiveness as Lucci collapses. After then, she informs others about her success. Vegapunk Satellites congratulates her. Meanwhile, Zoro and Brook take the lead to stop the Seraphim's attack. But soon, Vegapunk Lilith and Vegapunk Edison will enter the battle, creating problems for Zoro.
A Quick Recap!
Previously in One Piece Chapter 1072, Jewelry Bonney turned into a child and started crying for something. Sympathetic, Dr. Vegapunk approached her to see what had happened, but it turned out as her plan. As soon as Vegapunk came close to her, she changed her appearance using a special move called Distorted Future and attempted to attack Vegapunk with a pipe. But she missed it when Vegapunk pleaded to spare his life. However, it didn't stop her, and she knocked him down using another attack, Age Skewer. Bonney later grilled him. She asked why he took Bartholomew Kuma's personality from him.
However, the explanation left Bonney stunned. Vegapunk revealed that he promised Kuma to keep this a secret from her no matter what. He revealed Kuma was blown off while climbing the Red Line. Despite this, he kept on fighting back the Marines. Bonney refused to believe it, but later she opened the door, which caused Vegapunk to a flashback of the moment when he was with Kuma. It indicated that Vegapunk begged Kuma to let him explore his memories. Back to the present, he told Bonney to stay away from the bubble, as it was painful enough to kill someone. However, she reminded Vegapunk that she knew her father's powers.
One Piece Chapter 1073: Release Date
One Piece Chapter 1073 will come out at midnight on January 29, 2023. It will finally reveal how our heroes will deal with Lilith and Edison. You can read it on Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and MangaPlus. This is all for now. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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