Reality Quest Chapter 64: Do Wan Vs. Dungeon's Dragon! Release Date

Reality Quest Chapter 64: Do Wan Vs. Dungeon's Dragon! Release Date

Since the Cheongryeong arc started, Do Wan got no time to stay free. He plans to defeat the dungeon boss and teach him a good lesson in Reality Quest Chapter 64. He needs to break their profit system so their council can surpass them. Do Wan is known for making impossible things possible; once again, he will prove his worth. But does he really need to do this, especially after learning that the boss is dangerous? Who knows? Keep reading to know more.
The 64th chapter will focus on Do Wan's next mission. He has already defeated the regular monsters and will finally deal with the dungeon guards. This will be his time to learn more about their boss and head to deal with him. He will reach the dungeon's most critical point and face off with the dragon of the dungeon.

Reality Quest Chapter 64: What Will Happen Next?
While Do Wan takes a nap to revive his energy, Choi Juryeong's men will arrive at the cafe. They are ready to beat him down and teach Do Wan a good lesson. But they aren't aware of his strength, especially when he has revived his energy. Do Wan will change the settings and use the 300+ strength and power to defeat everyone in a blow. But before beating them, he will continue to play with them.
?>He will kick everyone out while one of them tells him about Choi's whereabouts. So he will head to meet the boss of the Cheongryeong school. Choi will be enraged to see him and soon punch his face. It will help Do Wan to learn about Choi's strengths. So he will change his striking strategy and use all the unlocked skills to hit Choi brutally. He will be covered in blood, but despite that Do Wan will give Choi a tough fight.
A Quick Recap!
In the 63rd chapter of Reality Quest, the Cheongryeong kids cornered a kid and tried to snatch his money with force. But Do-Wan appeared at the right time and told them to step back. However, they refused, leading Do Wan to attack them. He soon beat them down to teach him a good lesson and save the kid from being bullied. However, Do Wan appeared disappointed after learning those kids were just the regular monsters of the school. He needed to gain more points to reach the boss. But it was too early, and he wasn't too strong to face the boss.
But he continued to hit the regular monsters with his sly attacks. While he defeated a group of goons of the Cheongryeong with his brutal attacks, a student took his picture. During this time, Do Wan's friend told him that the school's profit money comes from robbery and blackmailing. In fact, they had recently robbed a house. She also revealed the boss's name Choi Juryeong. Soon Choi learned about all the attacks and called his subordinates to defeat Do Wan.
Reality Quest Chapter 64: Release Date
This time Do Wan will finally meet the boss of the Cheongryeong school after defeating all the dungeon monsters. Now nobody can stop him from conquering the dungeon. But will Do Wan survive? You will learn it in Reality Quest Chapter 64, which will release on December 9, 2022. You can read it on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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