Revelation: Infinite Journey beginner's guide and tips

Revelation: Infinite Journey beginner's guide and tips
Mar 2023

Revelation: Infinite Journey is a newly launched MMORPG and adventure genre, which has been released on February 26, 2023. Being developed by the VNG Corporation, this game has been grossing the RPG gaming charts at position 2. With great freedom to explore the unique world as an adventurer and multinational PVP systems, this game can make you feel worth that it is investing your time on. If you have been also starting with this game and are still confused about some features, then this guide will help you to get started right! Let's begin starting some tips and tricks to master this game!

How To Boost Skills Of Your Character?

It is not just about choosing characters and taking part in the fights but also you need to upgrade your characters so as to have a powerful team that will be to your advantage. Each character comes with a specific skill set which helps it to perform accordingly in the battles. These skills can be boosted for each character you own. Just tap on the skills button shown on the lobby page and select your character to boost its skills. In this way, the character performs better and stronger. [photo1]

Don't Leave Quests Unattended


g a beginner you will be much more excited to try out the battles and the amazing adventures which the game lets you indulge in. Most of us just ignore the main quests as soon as we start getting into more and more battles and earning tremendous rewards from them. But if you want to learn the game, then the main quests will be the best beginner's guide for you! So our advice is to go through the main quests daily and complete each of them. Also completing quests can help you in unlocking features in the game. [photo2]

Battles, Adventure, And Health Potions

Firstly, starting in the game you will see the story and the battles coming after one by one. That's how the game has been designed. You need to watch out that you cannot proceed any further in the adventure story unless and until you finish off the enemies coming along your way in the mid of the story. This indeed will make you feel like a classic RPG. The next part of the guide will let you understand what Health potions actually are and how can be used. Completing quests or defeating enemies will give you health potions that you need to collect. The health of your character helps it to become stronger and perform well in battles. Hence, keep on updating the health of your character from time to time by paying a visit to the medicinal potions in your inventory. [photo3]

Best Class To Choose; The Ultimate Class Guide

Since Revelation: Infinite Journey is an RPG you will find the epic class feature here. We know starting as a beginner feels difficult to choose what's the best for you. So here is how you can choose the best class in the game. Basically, the game consists of 5 different classes - Paladin, Occultist, Blade Master, Spirit Shaper, and Sword Mage. The gameplay you wish to have decides which class will be suitable for you. For example, if you crave intense action gameplay then choosing blade master and Sword Mage will be the right choice for you. [photo4]That was all for the guide today. Hope this guide would have helped you in understanding the game better. Bookmark Mobile Gaming Hub to keep visiting if you are stuck somewhere in any of your favorite games! Revelation: Infinite Journey is available on Google Play and the App Store for free. Also Read: 911: Cannibal (Horror Escape) Beginner's Guide And Tips.