Spy X Family Episode 21: Codename Nightfall! Release Date & Plot

Spy X Family Episode 21: Codename Nightfall! Release Date & Plot
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Nov 2022

Things are heating up in Spy X Family Episode 21 with the debut of Nightfall. This is the start of a spousal war! In the last chapter, fans saw Loid's fatherly side. Mr. Henderson tasked the students to write about what their parents do. So, Loid had to take Anya to his pretend office. The instant Anya walked into a gaggle of his coworkers, she accidentally weaponized her cuteness. Fans can already see their relationship growing into something deeper. However, poor Loid lost some elegance points from Mr.Henderson, thanks to Anya's blunt way of doing the job report. But the comedy doesn't end here. Here is all you need to know about Episode 21 Release Date and Plot.
In the next chapter, Fiona Frost is finally making her way to the Forger house. A new conflict is about to start with Yor. What is her intention? Well, that is the answer that we hope to get in the new episode. Keep reading to find out!
Spy X Family Episode 21: What Will Happen Next?
The title of Episode 21 is 'Nightfall and First Fit Of Jealousy'. In the promo video of episode 21, it's clear that Nightfall is going somewhere. And it is none other than the Forgers' residence. She seems to have some sort of ambitions written on every inch of her face. The title suggests jealousy. Thus, it is clear that Nightfall sees Yor as her romantic rival. Is it going to be a Nightmare for Yor now? Meanwhile, it seems that Anya knows why she has come. After all, half of the story's trope follows Anya peeking out and reading the mind of others.
Nightfall seems to be very stoic, cold, and calculating. Much like Yuri, she doesn't approve of the forger family. She wants to take the role of Loid's wife for Mission Strix. It is kind of hilarious that now the story has added one more homewrecker. However, her love for Loid will be more palpable than Yuri's siscon tendencies. Besides, Nightfall seems to be late in the game. She can well push the interactions between Yor and Loid, which she will hopefully do in the next episode!
Previous Chapter Recap!
The title of Spy X Family Episode 20 is 'Investigate The General Hospital and Decipher The Perplexing Code'. The episode started with Mr.Henderson tasking the students to do a school report on their parents' jobs. So, Anya asked Loid for the report. Later, the duo went to Loid's hospital, where he worked as a doctor. Anya met Loid's coworkers. They kept admiring his personality and talent as a doctor. Loid then brought her to his chamber. Meanwhile, he had to leave the room to Anya due to a WISE-related calling. Detective Anya started investigating Loid's spy kits. And in the process, she made a messy report on Loid's job as Spychiatrist, a mix of spy and psychiatrist.
Meanwhile, Loid came back only to get worried about Anya's mental health. As a doctor, he saw chaos in her mind. Afterward, back home, Anya got inspired to make her own spy code with Yor's help. She gave everyone a page. No one took it seriously except Franky. He thought of it as a love letter from a hot girl. He cracked the code and went to the mentioned place at the specified time. But nobody came. Funnily, Anya was sleeping, and her alarm kept ringing. Meanwhile, at school, she mistakenly spit out how her dad hits his patient. The next day, Loid got called to the office!
Spy X Family Episode 21: Release Date
This week, Spy X Family Episode 21 will air! The release date is November 26, 2022. The fall 2022 anime airs every week on Saturdays at the usual time. Fans can catch up on all the episodes on Netflix and Crunchyroll. On Youtube, Muse Asia is also streaming the show. There are no reports of any delays. But we'll make sure to keep you informed. Keep an eye on The Anime Daily. Stay tuned!