Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 47 Dark King Demigra Is Here! Release Date

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 47 Dark King Demigra Is Here! Release Date
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Jan 2023

The previous Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode saw a major fight between Goku, Aeos, and Demigra. It also saw the Time Scrolls, which proved to be very dangerous. Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 47 will look into how Aeos and Goku will deal with Demigra and bring an end to his tricks. However, considering Demigra is not just a simple being, it will also be interesting to see how he attacks and defends himself. So, keep reading to find out more.
Fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of the next episode. However, few updates have been given regarding Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 47. Considering how serious things were in Episode 46, things will probably go down in Episode 47. Fans can expect a lot of action from the upcoming episode. So, here is all that you need to know about Episode 47.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 47: What Will Happen Next?
Episode 47 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes is titled "Dark King Demigra's Evil Hand - A Turbulent Super Space-Time Battle!" The episode will look into what the Time Scrolls contain. The previous episode saw that Demigra had used it to summon another version of Omega Shenron. Seeing the power that the Scrolls holds, it is no doubt that it also has other powers that could be very dangerous yet powerful simultaneously. Goku and Aeos might not even stand a chance before it.
?>Omega also seems very powerful as he can defend himself from launched attacks. However, Xeno Gogeta destroyed him in the end. Seeing how powerful Omega was, the Time Scrolls will also have the power to release more powerful demons. Episode 47 will also see how Goku, Aeos, and Chronoa deal with Demigra and the other demons that he had summoned.
Previous Episode Recap!
Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 46 was titled "The New Dark King Invade! The Terrifying Decisive Battle Begins!" The episode began with Goku and Aeos, who were preparing for battle before they were interrupted by the presence of Demigra. He launched a huge force that ended up destroying Aeos' headquarters. However, Goku, Chronoa, and Aeos survive the blast, after which Demigra steals the Time Scrolls and releases a demon to fight the trio.
Demigra aims to end all the other Gods and create a new era of terror across time and space. Xeno Gogeta arrives just in time to protect Goku from demon Omega's attack and destroys him instead. The episode ended with Demigra calling other demons like Robel and Broly.
Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 47: Release Date
The release date for the new episode is still yet to be announced. There are big chances that the episode will come out in the final week of January. However, fans can always trust The Anime Daily to be the first to update on announcements and details.

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