Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 410: Nie Fights Back For Pride! Release Date & Plot

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 410: Nie Fights Back For Pride! Release Date & Plot

Leaving the void illusionary palace wasn't easy, as everyone had to leave their belongings before parting their ways. However, nobody expected this would happen to them. Now they are all working on their way to find some treasure stolen from them. But Nie will deal with something else in Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 410. It has something to do with Son Li and the palace. Can he find a way to deal with it? Keep reading to know more.
The 41st chapter will explore more about the unknown character and its connection with the thousand illusionary palace. But before that, the voice will play with Nie, and they will continue to fight for the domain of the painting. Meanwhile, Son Li corners Yan Yang to teach him a good lesson, who has no clue about Son Li's intention.

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 410: What Will Happen Next?
In the upcoming chapter, Nie will try to deal with this voice, who claims that Nie can't catch it. So to prove it wrong, Nie rushes to grab it and is glad to think he has captured it. But it isn't real. In fact, the cloud vanishes from there. The voice continues to play with Nie and tells him that the painting possesses more than he knows. Accidently, the unknown voice will share a lot about the picture, and Nie will decide to examine it.
?>Meanwhile, Son Li and his team will head to catch Yan Yang. Yan will be in the middle of his path to reach his sect. But before he can go to his sect, Son Li and his group will corner him. He will try to ask the intention behind this action, but Son Li charges an attack instead of answering his question, leaving Yan Yang at a disadvantage. Back to Nie, he will continue to fight with the stranger's voice, who seems to win.
A Quick Recap!
Previously in Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 409.5, Son Li was pissed off after learning they didn't get the treasure from Yan Yang. Son Li believed Yan possessed the treasure and fooled him and his master. But currently, their focus was on Nie Lie as he was the second person who left the palace with Yan. Although the master studied his aura, he was still unsure and believed he had missed something. Since Nie was spotted with Yan, the master thought that Nie belonged to Skyblaze Sect, and they decided to send someone to investigate the sect. Meanwhile, Son Li insisted they shouldn't miss this opportunity to kill Yan.
As for Wu, he was irritated as he didn't get any treasure. In fact, he had to hand out the treasure he found by himself. While Wu was passing by the woods, Nie appeared inside the myriad of thousand of mountains and rivers painting. He started cultivating his energy by using the Demon Blood Sacrifice to advance his ranks. As soon as he began this technique, he started feeling a surge of strong energy and power. Despite feelings immense pain while cultivating this energy, he continued it and ended up being interrupted by a voice. He heard this voice in the thousand array palace and tried to investigate the matter before the voice provoked him to take action.
Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 410: Release Date
It remains unclear how Nie will deal with the matter, but someone will help him in this conflict. You will learn it in Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 410, which will release on December 19, 2022. You will find it on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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