Technoroid Overmind Episode 4: Emotions In Circuitry! Release Date & Plot

Technoroid Overmind Episode 4: Emotions In Circuitry! Release Date & Plot
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Jan 2023

The heart of a robot beats not with blood but with circuits and code. It pumps not oxygen but data and power. Yet, it still beats with purpose and determination. In the last episode, Kite couldn't fathom the fact that heartless androids moved the hearts of millions. However, Cobalt and his brothers are not typical androids. Officer Bora has found a code that defines 'heart' in their programs. Does that mean they can feel emotions? Here is all you need to know about the Technoroid Overmind Episode 4 plot and release date.
Next time in Technoroid Overmind, Esora and his android family will keep practicing for Babel. However, there is a new conflict with a rival group. So keep reading to find out more!
Technoroid Overmind Episode 4: What Will Happen Next?
The title of Technoroid Overmind Episode 4 is not out yet. However, the plot will revolve around Cobalt, Kei, Neon, and Chrom's training in the abandoned Babel tower. They have run out of money. And their maintenance will cost money. Therefore, they will give it their all to win the babel contest. However, Kite is their rival. And it will be interesting to see how Kite proves that heartless androids can't win, or can they?
Meanwhile, Officer Bora has stumbled upon mysterious encryption on the four androids. Why do Cobalt and his brothers have a code of heart programmed in them? There is also the mystery of their real owners. The last three episodes hinted that professor Shibaura was researching something related to androids. Could it be that he was the real owner? If so, why he devoted all his time to developing such advanced robots capable of processing emotions? A lot will unfold in Episode 4!
A Quick Recap!
Previously in Technoroid Overmind Episode 3, Esora moved into Cobalt's place. Now he wouldn't be alone. The plot opened with Cobal, Neon, Chrom, and Kei surprised to see that Esora needed to eat multiple times a day to sustain himself. However, Eliza told everyone to stop all the drama while he ate. Meanwhile, Esora got a call from the police station. Officer Bora had summoned the androids for a quick investigation. After the analysis, he let them go. Esora asked what it was about. But Bora said that he wasn't obliged to answer.
Meanwhile, Esora noticed a girl looking at the Babel tower. However, the girl fainted and fell on the floor. Cobalt and others quickly came to the rescue. They took her to the hospital. The plot revealed that she was Kite's sister. Kite came and thanked them for their help. However, upon knowing that they were androids, he warned them not to touch his sister, Nagi. While he departed, Nagi told everyone not to think of it as Kite had some pretty good reasons to hate robots. The flashback revealed that their parents died due to an accident caused by a robot.
Nagi also let them know that she wished to visit the tower of Babel to see his brother on the stage. She desperately wanted to leave the hospital. But ever since the accident, Nagi had many of the organs missing. So, she can leave only after all the organ transplants. However, Kite's brother doesn't have that kind of money for organ transplants. And that is why he is an entertainer at the babel tower. Meanwhile, Cobalt, Esora, and others performed at the hospital to fulfill her wish. The episode ended after Bora found out something strange in the programs of the androids.
Technoroid Overmind Episode 4: Release Date
There is all a lot of mysteries surrounding the plot. Many people seem to know who Cobalt, Neon, Kei, and Chrom are. They even helped the androids perform successfully at the hospital without letting them know. Technoroid Overmind Episode 4 will release on January 25, 2023. So keep an eye out on The Anime Daily for more updates!