The complete beginner's guide to Cobra Kai: Card Fighter

The complete beginner's guide to Cobra Kai: Card Fighter
Feb 2023

Boss Team Games has just released Cobra Kai: Card Fighter on both android and iOS devices. This new card-based fighter game is perfect for all of the fans of the hit Netflix series. However, the game is not easy as it looks; if you want to master it and become a true karate champion, here is our <strong>beginner guide on Cobra Kai Card Fighter to help you on the journey.

Understand the rock, paper, scissor concept

Cobra Kai: Card Fighter is not about showing some cool karate moves. It's a strategic game. And even to add to that, it's more about predicting the opponent's move. If you actually want to be good in the game, then you will have to not only make good strategies based on your cards but at the same time also predict the moves of your opponent.


The game's tutorial tries to explain (which you most probably skipped) that the game follows a rock, paper, scissor concept - meaning that Kicks will beat punches, the punches will beat grabs, and grabs will beat kicks. So if you can predict what move the opponent will perform, you can easily counter it and beat him to dust.

The complete beginner's guide to Cobra Kai: Card Fighter

Now the question comes is how do you predict the moves of your opponents? There are some simple tips and tricks to predict the opponent's actions. For example, tap and hold on to the opponent's character icon while in the battle to see their specialty combo. So if the opponent has enough energy, you can predict that he will execute his specialty combo in the next move, and you can then select cards to counter these moves.

The complete beginner's guide to Cobra Kai: Card Fighter

Always keep an eye on the energy bar

Just like real-life karate is about managing your stamina, here in Cobra Kai: Card Fighter, it's about managing your energy. Make sure to use a wild energy card; when your energy is dipping, always use it at a good time so that you don't take a big blow. Additionally, you can left swipe the cards to discard them and gain half of its energy. It's a great way to keep your energy bar filled enough.

Understand the stats of the characters

Each character in the game is unique and has different in-game stats. For example, Miguel has strong kicks while Aisha has strong punches. So when you are using Miguel, you would want to use more kicks in a fight and not punches and just the opposite when using Aisha.

The complete beginner's guide to Cobra Kai: Card Fighter

It's not compulsory to use three-card every round

When matched against good opponents, don't try to finish the game in just 2-3 rounds; take the game slow. You can sometimes even play less than three cards in your turn; you can choose; let's say 2 cards and discard the rest to gain energy. However, not playing a card means that when opponents attack, you will directly take the blow, but this way, you can fake out the opponent and punish them the next round when they are low on energy.

Color card combo moves are better

I have seen most players trying to execute a player specialty combo move. However, since an opponent can also see what the character's specialty combo move is. Therefore he can easily counter it. But color combo moves are the ones where you play three cards of the same color let's say all three green color cards, now what this does is that it doubles the damage of the last card, which means if you can hit the opponents with the last card he will deal double the damage.

The complete beginner's guide to Cobra Kai: Card Fighter

Don't panic; taking damage is part of the game

In Cobra Kai: Card Fighter, taking damage is an integral part of the game. As a player, you should not panic when you take a blow; instead, it means that the opponent has used his good cards, and now you can punish him in the next round.

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So that was our six beginners Cobra Kai: Card Fighter tips and tricks. If you want us to publish an advanced guide of the game, then do let us know in the comments box below.

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