The Eminence of Shadow Episode 17: I Want To Become A Hero! Release Date & Preview

The Eminence of Shadow Episode 17: I Want To Become A Hero! Release Date & Preview
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Jan 2023

Fans must wait a bit before The Eminence of Shadow Episode 17 releases. The previous 16th episode was a delightful watch with a lot to unpack. After the murder of her fiance, Rose instantly became the focus of the episode. It will be interesting to see how things turn out in the upcoming episode. Moreover, it seems like it is time for Rose to be framed. The upcoming episode will be full of thrillers and anticipation. So, here is all that you need to know about the new episode.
Seeing how the Bushin Festival is still ongoing, things are bound to unravel very soon. Fans can also expect to be on the edge of their seats for this episode. Moreover, Episode 16 revealed information on the consequences of Beta pretending to be Natsume. The anime seems to be getting more intense as the episodes go on. More will be covered in the next episode. So, keep reading to find out more.

The Eminence Of Shadow Episode 17: What Will Happen Next?
So far, Episode 17 is titled "Yami ni Sasu Gekko." The episode will examine whether Rose finally gets caught by the soldiers sent to arrest her. Moreover, it will be very interesting to see how the Midgar Kingdom handles her case. Seeing how the Kingdom is afraid to have bad relations with Rose's Kingdom, it will be a sight to see how her case will turn out. The upcoming episode will focus on Rose and Perv Asshat.
?>Episode 17 will also examine how Rose gets framed by Perv Asshat. Moreover, the episode will explore how long she can avoid the soldiers. As the Bushin Festival is ongoing, Cid will continue defeating everyone. However, his victories and disguise continue to be a question for the others present. Episode 17 will uncover Cid's fights and his identity.
Previous Episode Recap!
The Eminence of Shadow Episode 16 was titled "Unseen Intentions." The episode starts with Rose running away as she is found guilty of killing her fiance, a noble in the Kingdom. Later, the episode also discovers that Rose is a princess of the Oriana Kingdom. Her case is also currently being handled with special care. It seems that the Midgar Kingdom is ensuring that no bad decisions are made, which might lead to bad relations with the Oriana Kingdom. Alexia and Beta also end up going on their investigation.
Cid also encounters an elf named Beatrix and has an experience with her. He sees a resemblance between Alpha and Beatrix. She even goes on to attack him. However, Cid can defend himself by acting. There is also a lot of mystery surrounding Cid in this episode.
The Eminence Of Shadow Episode 17: Release Date
The upcoming episode will be released on January 25, 2023, at 22:30 JST. It is available for international viewers to stream on Disney+, HIDIVE, and Netflix. So, keep reading The Anime Daily for further updates.

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