Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi - 05

Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi - 05


????????????? (Kaze no Megami wa Kanmi ga Osuki)
"The Goddess of Wind Has a Sweet Tooth"

I'm still very much obsessed with Tondemo, it continues to be super cute and incredibly engaging to watch. Although my one ripe with this episode is the adaptation of (Uchida, Maaya) as it seems, they have decided to give her more of a heavenly personality - something that would be akin to her character since she is a goddess. But in the manga, she comes off as more of a brat. In particular, the comedy relief that comes simply from body language. She flails her arms around and throws a tantrum whenever she doesn't get sweets. It's one of the reasons I connected with her in the manga. Her childlike wonder appealed to me.

The other thing I still can't wrap my head around is why Mukouda would be at the goddess asking for sweets, is it because he has to spend more money, or is it because the mouths that keep him company keep increasing and therefore it means more mouths to feed more money to spend. At this point, I think he should take a chill pill regarding spending money. But alas he is like that in the manga as well. Last week I spoke a little bit about this and how strange it seems that Mukouda would still hold so much esteem over money as if he couldn't just buy some salt and pepper and sell it for double the online price; As if he still had to pay rent and worry about gas and electricity. In this new world, he is rich and a Lord. But again - maybe having Mukouda throw money around without consideration would probably alienate him to like 90% of Japanese readers and might be one of the reasons why the LN became so popular, of course, the food aspect of it all is also a key factor.

I mean, I guess Mukouda is all about people pulling their own weight and all that - and when people ask him for free food, he is not all about that. Since a salaryman's motto is to keep on working day in and day out in a soulless job. Is and has always been - those who don't work don't get to eat. So when Ninrir asks for free food, it visibly upsets and annoys him. It would make sense since he makes Fel hunt his own food. But then again the Isekai people have no privy to such a concept, so it's something the author of the LN plays with constantly and where most of the comedy comes from.

It's strange, his annoyance and exasperation towards sharing Japanese sweets with Ninrir cause a visceral reaction - he's annoyed that she uses her heavenly powers to purloin sweets from him. Maybe the real reason is how Ninrir presents herself in this godly aspect but in the end, only wants melon pan and daifuku. There's no greater reason only sweets. But the high and mighty attitude might be what sets him off. Maybe if she was humble and asked politely, would Mukouda just have shared some sweets with her? I don't know - and as always I'm looking way too deeply into something that is probably not that deep.

Anyway - oh god I swear you can't watch this show without having something to eat on the side, the food always it makes my . But this episode saw the arrival, at least the true arrival of another glutton to the group. My new favorite slime (sorry Rimuru) is , a level 3 baby slime that seemingly made its way inside the Fel's barrier or was already inside of it we don't really know. If last's week Omake is anything to go by it seems Sui was already stalking them. I mean who wouldn't at the delicious smell of some tasty food? Sui makes his (they/them) first appearance and much like Mukouda he has already garnered my heart. From his adorable shakes when trying to communicate to how his basically a garbage disposal, it's a much-appreciated addition to the cast. Because of course Mukhouda would carry around the trash in his endless bag - because that's the Japanese thing to do, no one would just throw out the trash into the wild, right? He wouldn't litter, no sir-y! Besides doing that is very bad for the forest ecosystem. Good on him, better feed that trash to Sui!


Anyway, hope you keep enjoying Tondemo, and thanks for reading.

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