Town Rush Guide: Must-know tips and tricks for beginners

Town Rush Guide: Must-know tips and tricks for beginners
Feb 2023

Table of Contents

1. Deploying stickmen swiftly and wisely2. Timing and Awareness of the Dynamic Battle3. Defending and Upgrading your Tower

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Town Rush is an arcade game that came out recently for Android and iOS platforms. It's a game about conquering and capturing the enemy and neutral territories. A very simplistic and lucid gameplay ensures you get the hang of it real quick. In this game, the player deploys warrior stickmen costing resources in the form of 'Gold Coins' that rage out to capture enemy zones. To capture and conquer those territories, the player will have to attack the enemy's towers. Once the tower is completely destroyed, the zone is yours. Though, as long as not all the enemy towers are obliterated, the enemy wait units can always reclaim their lost zones by destroying your towers.

Town Rush Guide: Must-know tips and tricks for beginners

The game requires some thinking and the difficulty rises up with each succeeding level. This is what makes the game interesting to invest time in. Today, in this article we will discuss some tips and tricks to win in this game. So, without further ado, let's get right to it!

1 Deploying stickmen swiftly and wisely

As soon as the round starts, deploying stickmen units to destroy enemy towers should be of prime importance, obviously. But, to do so effectively you'll have to take care of a few things:

Town Rush Guide: Must-know tips and tricks for beginners
Deploy the units from the location closest to the enemy towers, obviously, this will force the enemy to send their units that way as well to block the threat you'll be carrying. That's when you'll be countering from a different route to destroy the enemy tower while their units would be busy dealing with your earlier units. Though, for this plan to work, you'll have to keep upgrading your towers to deploy more units than your enemy at a given time.Never send just one line stickman down the battle route, it will often waste your resources and time. Instead, at least deploy 3 units when you're preparing to make the first move. This way, it offers high chances of the enemy units getting neutralized without sustaining any significant damage to the player's own tower. As two or more different enemy units colliding with each other results in all the units of each team getting killed.

2 Timing and Awareness of the Dynamic Battle

At times, it's possible that two or more parties are engaged in destroying the same tower. In such a scenario, the stickman that destroys the bottom disc of the tower gets to claim the entire tower and thus, that region. Hence, once again, it becomes very important to send troops in such a manner that guarantees your stickman hitting that last disc of the enemy tower. It's all about timing; players can just watch two different teams destroying a tower and then send their own troops at the right time to claim that last disc. This way, players get to capture zones with minimum efforts and use of resources.

As you keep progressing, the maps will get more and more complex with intricate routes. As such, players will have to look out for multiple battles happening all over the map at the same time. At times like this, one gets so immersed in offense that they forget to look out for their own tower.

Town Rush Guide: Must-know tips and tricks for beginners

3 Defending and Upgrading your Tower

When the map gets divided into several battles going on at the same time, it becomes essential to defend one's own tower against incoming attacks. If the player fails to smell out the impending doom or is late to respond, it can get very messy and difficult to turn the tides then. As, with the levels difficulty increasing, the enemy units will come for the player's tower in overwhelming numbers.

To defend, the player must keep in mind to neutralize the enemy units near the borders itself. It's not a good decision to let them enter your zone first and then initiate the defense. Also, upgrading the towers will bolster the player's offense as well as defensive capabilities in terms of sending out a large number of troops in almost all directions at the same rule!