What Happened To Syd Barrett? Death Cause Of Pink Floyd's Co-Founder Revealed

What Happened To Syd Barrett? Death Cause Of Pink Floyd's Co-Founder Revealed
Apr 2023

Want to know about what happened to Syd Barrett? Yes, we are talking about Pink Floyd's co-founder whose death cause is still unknown to many of his fans. Despite passing away several years ago, Syd Barrett remains in the headlines.

The reason is mainly his underlying contribution to the music industry. That even includes his departure from the rock band. Keeping that aside, let's first briefly discuss Syd Barrett's prominence until his death.

It was in 1963 when Syd Barrett made his debut in the music industry. After a couple of years, more precisely in 1965, he formed Pink Floyd. Being his fan, you must not miss out on his works: The Madcap Laughs, Money, Another Brick in the Wall, The Dark Side of the Moon, and Comfortably Numb.

Little did you know, Syd Barrett also starred in Peter Whitehead's documentary film, Tonite Let's All Make Love in London. It was out in 1967. Coming back to Syd Barrett's death, he passed away at the age of 60. It was premature, yes!

Following that, none of his fans initially believed such disheartening news. Meanwhile, it was rumored that Syd was mentally ill. Did that anyway affect his health? Or was it something else that took him away from us? If you are looking for what happened to Syd Barrett, here is what we know.

Syd Barrett: Pink Floyd Co-founder (CC: NME)

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Syd Barrett's Death Cause: What Happened To Him?

It was in 2006 when Pink Floyd co-founder Syd Barrett passed away, leaving everyone in shock as he was born in 1946, which made him 60 years old at the time of his death. To be more exact, Syd's death date occurred on 7 July. Since it was very sudden, nobody believed it in the first place.

The major reason behind Syd Barrett's sudden death was his suffering from pancreatic cancer. That's one of the most brutal and life-threatening diseases to be suffering from. We wonder if that was the aftermath of his suffering from a psychedelic drug. In addition to that, he also had diabetes, another harmful one that destroys the victim's body system.

Briefly, thongs turned pretty much complicated during the last few days. In case you are wondering if Syd Barrett was hospitalized at the time of his death- No! He was at his home in St. Margaret's Square, Cambridge, and died peacefully. However, he reportedly took it from Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge for treatment. It's not confirmed, though.

Besides cancer, the rock icon reportedly suffered from schizophrenia. He even had a mental breakdown, because of which he isolated and kept himself away from the media's attention for quite some time. It is believed to have had anyway affected on Syd, mentally too.

Syd Barrett (CC: Facebook)

As Syd Barrett's death news came out to the public, the surviving members of Pink Floyd, back then, shared, "Syd was the guiding light of the early band lineup and left a legacy which continues to inspire." Each of them was upset as Syd was one of the group's pillars.

Some other music artists also took it to different social media platforms, sharing their heartfelt messages. During the last days of his life, Syd Barrett's health condition eventually deteriorated. But, nobody could realize that from outside, looking at him.

Even though Syd Barrett's musical career was "painfully short," he successfully earned a massive fan base. It still feels bad to realize that Syd Barrett is no more with us. Still, we continue to cherish each of his musical works. Which is your favorite from Syd's list? Despite not being with so for so many years, Syd Barrett's legacy remains intact and inspires each of us.

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