What Happened To The American Rapper Vanilla Ice? Answered

What Happened To The American Rapper Vanilla Ice? Answered
Apr 2023

Vanilla Ice is a well-known personality who always remains in the news for everything he does; being an actor, rapper, and television personality, Vanilla has done greater work within the industry.

But so far, there has been a greater buzz around him regarding what has happened to him. Thus this article will give you every detail regarding what happened to Vanilla Ice. Did Madonna ever propose to Vanilla Ice? This article will uncover all the details regarding the dating history of this rapper's life.

Before starting this article, let us dig into who Vanilla Ice is: an actor, rapper, and television personality. His songs have reached the top of Billboard charts, and some of his best-known hits include Ice Ice Baby and Play That Funk Music.

His songs are mostly centered around hip-hop, with energetic and electrifying beats that raise fans above ground. His songs have serious popularity among his fans, which is why he is still known within the industry.

Let us take a look at this article to get some greater details.

Vanilla Ice, Credits: The List

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What Happened To Vanilla Ice?

Vanilla Ice is a very popular and versatile actor, rapper, etc.; his song Ice Ice Baby was one of his career's major hits, which topped the charts of major music awards. However, he has faced an equal number of failures and some tragic moments, which have even degraded his position to another level.

In the early 1990's he was sued by the estate of Queen and David Bowie for sampling their song 'Under Pressure' without permission, even in one of the biggest hits of his career, Ice Baby. Even though he denied that he had sampled the song later on, the matter was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

And not only his professional life had to struggle, the fact that Hollywood is a very dark place where anyone can be addicted to anything, whether it drugs, money, or fame, but Vanilla Ice was unfortunately addicted to drugs which led him many times into jail for drug possession, assault, and other offenses. He had even been admitted to rehab for all of these addictions.

Throughout his career, Ice has been criticized multiple times, even for using offensive language, being accused of a one-hit wonder, or his portrayal as a gangsta rapper; his haters have always sought a chance to badly slam him over his face for professional or personal reasons.

Vanilla Ice's Dating History Explained

Vanilla Ice quite had a long dating history, and by looking at the long details, we can surely say that he has dated some of Hollywood's very famous and well-known personalities.

In the early 1990s, a rumor circulated that Madonna and Vanilla Ice were dating; the pair dated briefly but ended up years later due to unknown differences. And not only Madonna, Ice has even dated Naomi Campbell, the British model; they were also photography at different events at the start of 1991, which sparked major rumors that the two were dating. However, both of them broke up after that.

Thus from Tanya Lynn to Mindy Lawson to Katie Wagner, the rapper did not leave anyone from the industry to date. Still, his real relationship, and a long-term one, was with Laura Giaritta, whom he married in 1997. The couple had two children together. Sadly the couple filed for divorce in 2016, but later on, they reconciled and are still together.

Vanilla Ice and Madonna, Credits: ANI

Did Madonna Proposed Vanilla Ice?

Initially, when Madonna and Vanilla were rumored to be dating, there were rumors that Madonna proposed to Ice for marriage. Still, there was nothing something even for the media houses to prove the point.

Because Madonna is highly popular for making bold moves, statements made everyone believe that the news might be a hoax or a publicity stunt from Madonna.

However, since both were dating then, the news can not be completely false or fake.

Even Vanilla once confirmed his and Madonna's relationship but did not comment or discuss whether she proposed to him.

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